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You may know us as the "media nuns."

Our founder, Blessed James Alberione, founded our congregation to use the "most modern and efficacious means of media" to preach the Gospel.

As Daughters of Saint Paul, we are called in a special way to use the most modern forms of media to be a light in the darkness of the digital world.

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In the spirit of our mission, many of our sisters are present online. Currently, however, most of our sisters are only present online in their free time.

Our sisters aren't used to asking for help. But our mission in the Church calls us to dedicate more sisters to using newer forms of media to evangelize online and we need financial assistance to make this happen. God has a plan for us and we trust that you are a part of that plan.

Our needs are big, but we trust that God's generosity is bigger.

Here are some things we'll be able to do with your support:

  • Many of you have asked us (over and over!) to begin a podcast. But this requires about $1,000 in equipment and more importantly freeing up some sisters to do it. We'd love to start a podcast with your ongoing support and share extras with our patrons.

  • For every $3,000 a month donated, we will be able to dedicate one sister full time to online content creation, including social media work, podcasts, videos, and other online work.
  • Our sisters need around $100,000 in computer, video, and design equipment to help us produce quality online content. Your assistance will put us on the road to making this happen.

For those able to support us monthly, we look forward also to using the Patreon platform to be in closer relationship with you—to bring light into your life, receive your feedback on our work, and regularly update you on all the exciting work we are doing. And while every dollar helps, we are most grateful for your prayers!

Your monthly support allows us to create more digital content.
Please consider becoming our Patreon supporter.

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